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Product Support and Repair Engineer
Position: Location: Salary: Type:
Product Support and Repair Engineer Netherlands Permanent

The Product Support and Repair Engineer will be responsible for performing the set-up, calibration, repair and testing of circuits, components, instruments and electromechanical assemblies of products received in the European Service Center. Also provides a high level of customer service to ensure the complete resolution of all product issues.

Workshop Repair Responsibilities:

Works from schematics, diagrams, written and verbal descriptions, layouts or defined plans to test, diagnose and troubleshoot assemblies and/or final systems including fault isolation on systems and equipment.

Uses, test or diagnostic equipment, including, but not limited to, test programs, oscilloscopes, digital multimeters, signal generators and specialized test apparatus in the diagnostics and testing of assemblies.

Complete solder rework/repair on PCB assemblies and/or systems to bring the product into functional compliance.

Tests and returns repaired products back to customers.

Prepares technical reports summarizing findings and recommending solutions to technical problems. May assist in the selection and set-up of specialized test equipment. May assist with root cause analysis of product failure, blueprints, drawings and diagrams.

Assists in the selection and set-up of specialized test equipment.

Assists with root cause analysis of product failure modes.

Product Support Engineer Responsibilities:

Responds to customer product inquiries via telephone or in written internet-based email or chat sessions.

Resolves customer concerns raised during installation, operation, maintenance or product application or compatibility matters.

Troubleshoots problems with malfunctioning electro/mechanical equipment or software applications and recommends corrective action.

Documents customer information and recurring technical issues to support product quality programs and product development.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Bachelor’s in Engineering, Physics/Medical Physics or related field is desirable.

Minimum 2+ years of technical expertise in service/support environment is preferable.

Soldering: Proficient Through Hole component & SMT Resistors/diodes/caps, some Ics solder and removal.

-Identification and use of proper hand tools during the assembly process.

Hand Tools: Basic use of DMM to measure Voltage and Resistance. Basic use of Oscilloscope to view standard wave forms for testing and diagnostics.

Test Equipment: Capable of identifying manufacturing defects on PCBA such as solder splashes, missing components, incorrect components, and improper component orientation.

-Ability to use troubleshooting techniques to the module level.

-Ability to use schematics and circuit theory to troubleshoot basic electronic failures related to mixed digital/analog circuits.

Product Knowledge: Moderate understanding of product functionality as used by the customer. Can explain use and demonstrate product functionality proficiently.

Experience in CRM tool is a plus.

Experience in ERP tool is required.

Knowledge to use DMM to measure Voltage and Resistance for testing and diagnostics.

Ability to speak European languages in addition to Dutch and English is an advantage.

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